On those special occasion and wonderful events, you cannot afford to look casual or random. You need to appear more sophisticated, dainty and pleasing.  If homecoming is around then it is the right time to think about hitting the stores and begin the search for the ideal gown for the special fall ball.

And all you need to make this event perfect is that special and comfortable dress. You can delve into the JJ’s House homecoming dresses and believe it or not your eyes are going to soak up the spectacular gowns and all their attractive detailing, your heartbeat grabs the thought of slipping into one of these spectacular festive, fabulous frocks an outfits. But again you are trapped on one little detail. What shade you should wear? If you exactly know what you want to wear but have any difficulties with choosing the shades then you are at the right place. Keep the following things in mind and you would end up making the right choice.

What is your hair colour?

Generally speaking, the shade of your hair can be a great determination for the colour that looks wonderful on you. While there are certainly more considerations and lighter and darker skin tones may impact the outcome, as a guide, it is a good place to begin with.


You should try bold colour like that of red, coral, orange,  emerald and peacock, as well as you can go for neutral tones too like nude, tan or even taupe.


It has been said that blondes have more fun, but brunettes appear to have more variety. Whether your locks are like that of a warm chestnut or hot raven, saturated shade is yours for the taking! Dark hair goes well with several shades including different shades of pink, brown, blue, green, and orange.


The skin tone of a woman having fiery locks can wildly and the lighter the tone, the more washed out you might look in light colour. But in general, a redhead can shine in sapphire, mocha, emerald, and ivory.

Certainly, not every colour pairs particularly with any hair colour, and there are variable levels of intensity in both hair colour and that of dress colour. But as a simple guide, these tips can come in quite handy!

What else?

Apart from these things it would be good you pick the shades that you feel are good for you. There are always those outfits that have the perfect colour to enhance your charm. You can choose the colour that beams your face and lighten your eyes.  You can go through your wardrobe and find out what colour is dominating the space and you would definitely have the answer in hand for your colour selection for homecoming outfit.

Black mini outfit

Colours giving you trouble? Why not just try the most model look of all? Certainly a spectacular little black dress can look gorgeous on anyone, and the possibilities are boundless when it comes to length, embellishments, and of course cut. These lively dresses are decorated with different designs for the occasion.

Thus, what is still bothering you? Go ahead and check out the variety for your homecoming!


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