It is with no doubt that baseball is one of the most popular games at the moment. People from all scopes of life attend notable baseball playing grounds just to see their stars in action. This in turn gives you a feeling like no other since you will get to spend your free time doing something constructive while at the same time enjoying yourself. If you are into baseball, chances are you already know about star players who have taken the sport by storm. One such player is the wonder kid Drew Schaefer.

If you know your baseball well then you will be fascinated by the skills displayed by Drew Schrieffer. He is part of the 12u Elite Squad North Team and plays in 12u Future Stars Rookies and 12u-All-American classic. Drew loves to play as a 1B although there are times where he will do perfectly while playing some OF and pitches. Actually, Drew is among the most talented baseball players of our time considering he has plus skills in both arm and strength. This capabilities have made him one of the widely sought after baseball player of his age.

Off the field, Drew is known to take his leadership skills with him and has turned out to be a great kid who is fascinating to coach and never afraid to lead by example. Being only 12 years old, the future of Drew looks to be so bright considering not many kids of his age can match the skills that he possesses.

As he continues to sharpen his skills, it is expected that Drew will not only make a name for himself but also play in the highest levels of this sport. For now Drew will continue taking coaching lessons from high end coaches until he is able to become a baseball player who will be emulated by everyone.


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